US Stock Market Remained Flat Post Easter Holiday

US Stock Market Remained

21 April 2014 – The US stock market remained flat most of the time on Monday after the World celebrated Easter weekend. The stocks went up a little at the beginning of the trading hours on Monday when the market reopened after the holidays.

This week is the week of the earnings report and investors all around the world remain watchful as this week slowly unfolds the drama with the earnings report from some major names like McDonald’s and Facebook.

S&P 500, Dow Jones industrial average and NASDAQ composite all gained a little in the early trading hours. But, NASDAQ fell down near the closing hours. About 62% of major US companies have exceeded Wall Street expectations in their earnings report.

Although there have been some strong performances from some major names in the market, the stock market overall remained a little flat.

S&P 500 posted its biggest week since July last year as its performance got a boost from positive earnings report from General Electric and Morgan Stanley. Dow Jones industrial average was 0.05% to reach at 16,416 points. NASDAQ Composite was down by 0.26% to react at 4,084 points. S&P 500 was also a little down by a marginal 0.03% to reach at 1,864 points.

More reports are due to come later this week which will pretty much decide the direction, the US stock market will take. In fact, market analysts are hoping that after this week they will have a clear picture of where the market will go.

But, the investors aren’t excited about the way the stock market is performing through many earnings report are still overdue. As interest rates remain low and the economy is in the path of recovery, this week will tell us what will happen in the stock market next.