Top 10 Tools & Apps to Manage Personal Finance

Apps to Manage Personal Finance

Budget bookkeeping is getting more efficient each year. With specific programs designed to help you see how your money is spent, manage your bank accounts, and recommend strategies to curb spending, you can more easily save money and build your personal wealth. Take advantage of digital platforms by downloading a few personal finance apps on your phone or computer.

Here is a list of the top ten tools and mobile apps to help manage your personal finances.

BillGuard—Total Security from Your Phone

BillGuard is a fantastic mobile security app that alerts you to any suspicious charges. Even duplicate charges will set off the alert to ensure that there aren’t any careless mistakes that end up costing you money. You can comment on charges and dispute alerts for maximum security and convenience purposes.

Mint—Pocket Financial Tracking System

Manage personal finance transparency with Mint. This app is easy to navigate and simple to set up. You can access graphs, charts, and a personal financial analysis depicting your spending habits so that you can understand exactly where your money is going.

Betterment—Plan for a Better Future

With Betterment, you can take more action on your investment strategy and portfolio from your phone. You can set up and track specific financial goals with asset allocation tools. Long-term investment is the emphasis of Betterment, as you can only use the app with a $10,000 lump sum or a regular deposit of $100 per month.

PocketGuard—Analyze and Predict

The PocketGuard budgeting app connects directly to your bank accounts to give you constant access to your current transactions and balance. The app allows you to simply view your money, whether it’s how much you’ve spent or how much is in your bank account. This app also analyzes your spending to identify habitual payments to help you control your spending. With simple charts that outline how you spend money, PocketGuard keeps you informed.

Key Ring—Maximize Your Loyalty

It can be a hassle to remember to bring along your loyalty cards each time you go to the store. Simplify your life and leave your wallet at home by using Key Ring instead. It allows you to file all of your loyalty points and accounts in one place. Check out with your phone to collect points without carrying around a bulky wallet filled with cards.

PriceGrabber—Get the Best Deals

PriceGrabber is a mobile app that allows you to scan product barcodes to find out if it is available at another store at a cheaper cost. In seconds, you can find out whether you are overspending or about to make a budget purchase. You can even set up alerts for when certain products go on sale. This app can save you a lot of searching around for the best deals on certain products.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You Need a Budget is a sweeping, multi-faceted, budget-tracking software. On top of the standard bookkeeping abilities, YNAB also features a rich community of tutorials, handbooks, and Q&As. The program runs independently of financial institutions, so you can access your budget spreadsheet without logging into your bank statement. YNAB is a great place to start when it comes to managing your personal finances.

GnuCash—Unaffiliated Budget Tracking

Some people prefer to keep an eye on their finances through a free, open-source program. GnuCash is an accountant-friendly program designed for those who like to have all of their figures laid out in front of them. With this program, you can make sure your records are properly documented without running them through any financial institution. You can also customize your books to include a variety of miscellaneous expenses.

BudgetSimple—Quality Spending Advice

If you’re the kind of person who wants to hand over your books and obtain solid budget advice without having to do the work, BudgetSimple may be the program for you. After quickly analyzing your finances, the program will recommend where you can trim spending to help grow your savings. The ultimate goal is to prevent you from having to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Helpful Features on Your Bank’s Website

Many people don’t realize that their banks offer valuable resources that are effective and widely available on digital platforms. Web features can be particularly helpful through banks that also handle investments and brokerage accounts like Schwab and Fidelity. Members can news, updates, and financial advice. Speak to a representative at your bank to find out about all the features you could be taking advantage of.

Whether your goal is to curb your spending habits, increase your investment portfolio, or settle your debt, there are plenty of high-quality digital platforms available online to help you seek the financial life you deserve. Manage your personal finance today and get back on track with your credit score, savings account, and spending habits.

Carolyn Clarke is a financial analyst, consultant, and freelance financial writer from Los Angeles, California. Her experience with financial management and investment strategy, as well as contracting work with companies such as Financial Solutions of America, has helped stabilize the many clients’ financial lives. When she is not busy helping others or strategizing new financial freedom plans, she enjoys painting and reading.

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