Tips for Landing Your First Job after College

First Job after College

When filling entry-level positions, financial organizations tend to consider the interns who are already working for them before seeking outside candidates. That means that the best time to start looking for your first job is while you’re still in college. Of course, not every internship comes with a job offer at the end, so here are some tips to help you when you start the search for your first job.

Social Sites

It’s never too early to create a LinkedIn profile. While you’re still in school, you can begin connecting with other students and professionals in your job field. Develop a list of your skills and a summary statement about yourself and your interests that you would share with potential employers. Think of it as your “30-second elevator speech” in writing. Potential employers will look for you first on LinkedIn. In case you have anything questionable on your Facebook site, clean it up ASAP.

Cultivating Mentors

Find a mentor or two. Do reach out to your school’s career office and professors, but try to develop some contacts in the field. If you have a dream job or dream company, conduct an online search for people working at something you would like to do. You have nothing to lose by asking for a meeting with them. They may be flattered by the attention or impressed that you sought them out and can offer you insider knowledge about the field and possibly a job.

Industry Groups

Join a professional development group or an industry-specific group. You’ll make personal contacts that can help you learn more about your career field and how to succeed. You may have a group chapter already at your school.

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