One Out of Three Uninsured Won’t Opt for Obamacare

One Out of Three Uninsured

Republicans have found a justification to lampoon PPACA as Obamacare. In June 2013, Sarah Kliff of Washington Post wrote that almost 10% of total US population will not have insurance coverage under Obamacare.

The current report clearly says one in three of uninsured Americans prefers to pay penalty instead of getting covered. The report is based on a survey that clearly shows how lawmakers and administrators have failed to persuade people to come under insurance coverage.

Referring to the fact that the act was not pragmatic, analyst Steffie Woolhandler said back in June, “Even if the law were fully implemented, there would have been 26 million uninsured people,”

A survey done by Bankrate shows how the administration is failing the uninsured Americans. 41% of the total of 3000 surveyees said they prefer to stay away from health insurance because it is costly and almost 70% said they didn’t know about the incentives.

It’s important to note that the penalty/tax is not just less but significantly less than what the health insurance plan would cost. The policymakers have perhaps overlooked this. Another huge shortcoming of Obamacare is that it restricts a patient’s choice of doctors.

There are other disadvantages to Obamacare. Hospitals that are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technologies and employ experienced medical professionals, shouldn’t be availed by commoners as they will be too expensive for the insurance coverage.

Thus, not just choice of doctors, but the choice of hospitals and diagnostic centres is also limited. Add to that the costs that are out of the plan and the medical budget altogether will skyrocket. The penalty amount is far less and no surprise people are opting for that.

Failure to monitor Obamacare is a reason many people are out of it. For example, an analyst pointed out that the administration had not tracked the percentage of Obamacare enrollees, who were earlier uninsured.

Many don’t want to enrol because they fear their personal details could be leaked. There’s no assurance on the part of the Obamacare Navigators that medical privacy won’t be compromised. On top of that, in a world where cyber crimes are too common, identity theft based on one’s medical information is quite likely.

As people are not willing to be health-insurance protected, let’s see if the administration comes up with a new plan or revamp the existing plan.