Personal Financial Lessons From Comic Book Superheroes

Personal Financial Lessons

As the fan of comic books and superheroes we try to mimic a lot of things from the characters. Their way of leading a life creates some examples in front of us to follow.

Here is the list of a few superheroes and their unique way of living, which might increase the desire in you to lead a simple life – frugal life.

Spider Man:

Spider Man ranks on top among all the superheroes of the world. The love this guy has been getting since a long time is simply awesome. Peter Parker is a regular guy, who earns some money by indulging in freelancing photography.

Unlike Batman, Spider Man is a commoner who does not like to spend too much money in making his costume. On the other hand, he always makes his spidey costume all by himself.

Thus, we should all follow this normal way of living like Spider Man, where he opts for doing everything by himself. Spending too much money on useless items should never be there in your agenda.

Super Man:

If you are really willing to find some thrifty ways of living life then, you should definitely think about following the lifestyles of our beloved superheroes. When it comes to having a discussion over the most frugal comic characters, then there is no reason for us to discard Super Man from the list. The Man of Steel truly knows how to lead a normal life without spending too much on the items of luxury.

Super Man’s same old costume and cloak also reflect his strong belief in maintaining a simple but unique way of living. He likes to save all his earning for the future needs. As there is no need for him to spend some big bucks in impressing Lois, he can think about saving his salary for the future. This frugal nature of Super Man is enough for us to become interested in leading a planned life like him.

We all love to spend some quality time with our favorite characters of childhood. In spite of getting some happy moments, we can also learn a lot of things from these comic characters. Leading a humble but frugal life should be the main mantra of your life, just like your lovable superheroes.


If you truly want to learn the thrifty ways of living life then, you must observe the unique lifestyles of your favorite comic characters. Hulk can actually be your ideal when it comes to lead a simple life without any hint of luxury.

As he is a homeless wanderer, he doesn’t need to bother about the cost of fooding and lodging. After becoming a huge-green monster, Bruce can easily stay away from the civilization month after month. As a monster, he doesn’t need to depend on grocery and continue living by hunting. The regular bills, which we all have to pay does not trouble Bruce at all.

His another habit can actually be an ultimate thing for you to follow. Bruce does not carry any credit card with him as he always likes to maintain all his expenditures with cash. This would also help you to keep a track of all your spending habits.


Goku is one of those superheroes from whom we should all learn the art of simple living. This incredible character of Dragon Ball Z, surely knows how to lead a simple,  rustic life in spite of transporting himself to the outer space. Along with his wife Chi Chi, he contributes to hard toil for earning a livelihood.

Above all Goku is quite comfortable with his same orange uniform and black boots and does not feel the necessity of buying some new apparels.

The way Goku leads his life is definitely amazing and we all should try to imitate that particular way of living where he tries to save some money for securing his future.


He is one of the most famous and loving characters to the admirers of superheroes. His amazing speed has provided him with an opportunity of being present in two different places at a time.

Flash is a character, who holds the capacity of managing everything single handed. From taking care of the household jobs to fighting crime, he has the capability of doing everything. Thus, in spite of being a policeman, he can also deal with all the other pieces of stuff too. As he is a compassionate traveler, who keeps on traveling throughout the world, he knows some great places to get everything at a cheap price. But, the main reason why we should follow the lifestyle of this superhero is, he doesn’t own a car. Thus, there is no need for him to think about the increasing cost of fuel.

The commoners should also think about cutting the cost of living like their lovable superhero Flash.