Super Visa Insurance – Everything You Should Know About it

About Super Visa Insurance

Are you a parent looking to visit your child in Canada to take care of your grandchildren? Or are you a grandparent planning to visit your grandchildren for their wedding? Whatever the reason or occasion, the Canadian government ensures that you as a parent or grandparent avoid the complications and hassle of a regular visit visa by applying for super visa insurance that allows them to stay in the country for a maximum period of up to two years at a time.

With a validity of ten years, the super visa insurance is a multi-entry visa ensuring parents and grandparents visit their loved ones as many times as they wish.

If you are a grandparent or a parent looking to apply for super visa insurance, the below-mentioned information is all you need to know about this visa program. There is also another option where if you wish to visit your dear ones for less than six months, all you need is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) if you are travelling from a country that is exempt from visa.

IRCC super visa insurance eligibility and requirements:

For a parent or grandparent to be eligible for super visa insurance, they are required to:

  • Obtain a letter of invitation from their children/grandchildren:

The child or grandchild who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident must provide the IRCC with a letter of invitation stating:

  • They will take care of their parent’s or grandparents’ finances for the entirety of their duration.
  • They must also provide a copy of the child/grandchild’s permanent residency document on their citizenship.
  • Other relevant documents:
  • Salary slip and offer letter of the child/grandchild.
  • Recent year’s T1/T4
  • Bank statements of the child/grandchild.
  • Insurance receipts of the child/grandchild’s employment.
  • Minimum coverage should be at least $100,000
  • Document stating that the parent or grandparent has completed an immigration medical examination.
  • The applicant (parent/grandparent) must provide proof of purchase of insurance. An estimate does not qualify as sufficient evidence.
  • Medical insurance purchased from a recognized Canadian insurance company must have a minimum validity of one year from the date of purchase. 

A requirement that is compulsory from the applicant

In the event your parents or grandparents visit you and your family during the holiday season, including a special occasion like an anniversary, wedding, birthday etc., it is compulsory for them to apply for super visa insurance before planning a visit to Canada. It is a safety measure to ensure their stay in the country is stress and risk-free if they suffer from any injury or medical emergency. 

Simple, fast and stress-free procedure

Unlike your regular travel visa application procedure, the process for applying for super visa insurance is stress-free, simple and easy, if you all have the relevant documents in place. A standard visit visa is valid for only six months from the applicant’s date of entry into the country. In contrast, the validity of super visa insurance is up to two years from the date of entry into the country. All the necessary medical expenses of the policyholder are covered in this plan; it works similarly to a permanent resident of Canada, where are their healthcare expenses are taken care of by the government. This policy covers your parents or grandparents against the rising medical costs and hospitalization expenses of the country.

How much does a super visa insurance plan cost?

Based on the province or the territory the permanent resident is residing in Canada, the super visa insurance cost may differ. You have the choice to apply for super visa insurance for one parent or grandparent or as a couple. The best way to save cost is to purchase the super visa insurance individually if they are travelling together. The average price is usually around $100 and $200 monthly, sometimes even more based on the insurance company and the plan you select. Compared to a regular visa, super visa insurance is much more reasonably priced.

A fantastic option for your parents and grandparents

Super visa insurance is an excellent option for your parents and grandparents if they plan on visiting and staying in Canada for an extended period. The Canadian government specifically created it to look after your dear ones by making sure the process is simple and hassle-free. It is not at all complicated to obtain super visa insurance for your grandparents or parents.

Unlike your regular visit visa, the super visa insurance comes with healthcare benefits to look after your parents or grandparents in the event of a medical emergency during their stay, as the medical expenses for non-residents of the country are pretty expensive. Since the inception of super visa insurance, the program has been a success, with the country seeing a significant rise in grandparents and parents visiting their loved ones.