Why You Need Broker’s Services to Download MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader form a brokerage organization. You will find more specific benefits below.

Benefits of Downloading MT4 from Brokers

Among the benefits of setting it up from a company is the free profile that is included with it. A trading bill is needed to start with investing money pairs in forex. However, this isn’t free and you ought to deposit money to make it lively. But exactly what will you decide to do if you aren’t yet willing for taking the chance of dropping cash? How do you want to practice using the program unless you have money to invest yet? The answer is the free trading accounts from the company. An open of charge trading take into account MetaTrader 4, however, is supposed for practice purposes only. You can’t make use of it hook up to the real financial market. You will need to stimulate it and update it to a standard account first. Next, it is also well worth noting that broker agents often give free educational materials to the people who download MetaTrader from them. These materials are occasionally dispatched through email. In some instances, they are located on the real website. They can be links that take anyone to other sites offering free information. Whatever the set of delivery, be certain to get these giveaways. They are, to begin with free, and are ideal for enhancing your current understanding of the $3-billion financial market.

Free Demo

Here’s another plus side to downloading MetaTrader 4 from a brokerage company. That company will probably provide you a free demonstration trading account. With this demonstration account, you can get a feel of what it prefers to operate in the financial market. And fret not if you have yet to make your first trade. Stress not too if you dread you’ll lose cash fast. That’s because you are just utilizing a demonstration trading account. You aren’t yet linked to the real financial market. Download MetaTrader today and discover when you can practice using the program.]]>

Drop Your Burden – Begin Using Expert Advisor Metatrader 4

Imagine an average trader’s day starting, waking up worked up about the possible new profitable deals to unearthed, activate his computer to various information, look over his broker’s article, start his charts and commence to look for opportunities, without needing any unique feature such as Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4.

What will Happen Without Expert Advisor Metatrader 4

He starts off to complete his charts with craze lines, support, and level of resistance lines, making sense of what these habits are showing him. He finds a looming opportunity and waits for the right a chance to enter. 60 that he can’t wait all day every day for the indication to type in as he has a complete time job. Trading is his enthusiasm, but he cannot spend the money on the luxury of energy to take action. Needlessly to say, when the ability comes by, he’s not around to make the trade.

In another circumstance, this investor is a complete time investor, and he is able to monitor the marketplace all day long just so that he can implement at the right time. When the ability comes, he requires it so when it’s time to leave a trade, he hesitates. The conception that his evaluation is definitely right when the marketplace is sharing with him often makes him clinging onto a burning off trade. He let us his feelings have the better of him. The strain of monitoring and feelings ride he undergoes every time makes him lose self-confidence.

Trading With Expert Advisor Metatrader 4

Well, there’s a solution to all or any these problems. A remedy that slashes out the mundane work of experiencing to manually screen the marketplace for the right sign to pop-up, performing a trade, monitoring the trade till its leave. That is to make use of an Expert Advisor Metatrader 4 within all MetaTrader 4 programs.

Metatrader 4 or MT4 allows an investor to generate his own custom-made Expert Advisor Metatrader (EA) to investigate, monitor and do trades automatically consequently to his own trading guidelines. The main problem is a trader has to understand or find somebody who knows how to build up an Expert Advisor Metatrader. That is no easy feat as encoding an Expert Advisor Metatrader 4 requires tons of commitment to making the program improve him. Furthermore, the trader must also try the program for mistakes and continuously improve onto it to complement his genuine manual trading strategy.

Imagine when a trader might use all his work done on his graph like style lines, support, and amount of resistance lines to include his trading guidelines that help him do trades automatically immediately. It helps to make use of the examination of the graph to full efficiency with no trader to see if the price has cracked the trend range or critical lines.

Since everything can be carried out automatically with Expert Advisor Metatrader, the execution process is smooth when the right opportunity comes, therefore eradicating all the strain, mundane work and thoughts. Thus giving the investor the ease to identify other potential opportunities through his trade evaluation or just spend some time doing things he loves.


What Are Main Considerations Metatrader Can Provide You

Over time, MetaTrader is becoming synonymous to the term “convenience” as it pertains to trading forex. This handy yet straightforward trading program is a must-have for success-driven shareholders who wish to take good thing about every money-making opportunity in the money market. Therefore, if you need to type in the world of forex trading without a hitch, you should think about investing in this specific trading platform.

You can find three considerations that MetaTrader 4 provides you with. They are time, knowledge, and undoubtedly, maximum convenience. Let’s discuss all of them and observe how this specific trading program can surpass your expectations.


Most people assume that to become a successful trader, you have to remain glued to your personal computer screen, and that means you can keep an eye on all the changes – even the minuscule ones – in money prices. Because if you neglect to place your order at the right time, you’ll miss the particular one great chance going to the jackpot. With MetaTrader, however, you don’t have to watch over your personal computer just like a hawk eyeing its victim. Using its Expert Advisors, you can operate foreign exchange while you’re outside the house for a walk.

Expert Advisor

MetaTrader 4 is well furnished with a specific feature called “Expert Advisors” that can operate currency pairs in your stead. All you need to do is defined your trading tastes, and these Expert Advisors will automatically put into practice your strategies when investing forex. It quite simply means that you will have significantly more time for personal activities. Because it is not required to stay connected to your personal computer all day long, you have more things done. You are able to spend per day with your friends and relations and never have to worry about lacking valuable trade opportunities.


As the word runs, knowledge is electricity. It is one of the things that separate successful shareholders from those who are unsuccessful. By having an understanding and understanding of the market, it’ll be much more comfortable so that you can devise trading strategies. MetaTrader can help deepen your knowledge of the money market. It provides you with various analytics tools which you can use to have an improved understanding of prevailing market tendencies and other financial data.


Isn’t it nice to critically examine every financial data and information you are considering within a graph or graph? Not merely it helps decrease the muddle in your private workspace, it also offers you usage of essential information with just a click of a button. MetaTrader gives you to experience everything that convenience and even more. You don’t need to read challenging numerical data since it has various charting options that permit you to investigate market movements on charts and graphs.

Where MAY I Trade Using Metatrader?

Most retail dealers use their own profit trading currencies and tend to be bought at the comfort at their own homes. Apart from computers, mobiles and software, one will also desire a fast web connection in order to determine steady communication with the broker’s server. The aspiring trader will also have to join a merchant account with a certified Forex broker.


Before Investing In Stock Marketing, Things To Be Remembered

The moment we hear about the stock market, what really comes in our mind? Fear, greed, over-night richness or if the timing is very bad then total crash out. Stock market is one such place where if the investments are done safely and systematically, I promise if not an extravagance life but the life which you will never run out of money or beg in front of your kids when darkness of old age related illness would loom over and you would wonder where to go and whom to ask?

Letʼs hear an interesting story

We have heard names of stalwarts like Mr. Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh obviously for wrong reasons, they were considered the dummy gods of the stock market. Their story is no less dramatic than a 70 mm cinema story- story of rags to riches. They both assisted CAʼs, being Gujrati blood in their veins were hot and running, they just knew one thing – learn the ropes and become the king of the stock market and dominate it to the core. Slowly they started with their own chamber doing the work, climbing up the ladder of success at a very exponential rate which in turn created a sense of jealousy in the circles, no one understood from where the money was flowing in. Finally, the judgment day had arrived and their evil tricks were exposed in front of the world. wonʼt go deep inside as I myself did not understand what exactly they did to earn such quick bucks, but trust me whatever they did it created an earthquake like a situation in the Indian stock market, man big companies were bankrupt overnight, many investors lost their hard earned money in seconds. This created a havoc in the stock market, after many internal meetings, regulations were changed in order to close down on the loopholes so that such instances doesnʼt happen again.

So, you must be wondering whatʼs the point of mentioning this story in this article, whatʼs the significance? Of course, there is, this is a classic example of abusing the power of a chair, and what greed does to you when you start misusing the knowledge? Where does it lead you? Yes, you are right, overcrowded dungeons ! Where nobody loves to go!

Moving on letʼs keep in mind a few pointers that should be remembered before investing in the stock market!

1. Take an informed decision: Always take an informed decision, before investing in stocks, a well-researched study on companies to invest will always pay you back. There are many companies floating in the market, but which oneʼs are worth investing is your call.

2. Unfollow heard mentality: People will always tell you to do this and that, but in reality, they themselves would not invest. Itʼs a common practice in this field to listen to many and blindly follow them, but in real terms go to an expert who has a sound knowledge of the companies, and then only invests in this.

3. Patience: Stock market alone is a place where it demands only one thing in return, patience. Patience is the right word, you cannot get rich by just investing x amount in one particular month and see the returns next month. Just like a tree, it needs water, it needs nurturing, love, then only it will bore you fruits isnʼt it? Comparing the same, stock market needs proper discipline, love, regular investment and time and then see the result – money multiplying at a great speed fulfilling all your needs.

4. Regular Monitoring: Regular monitoring also needs to be done, you cannot just invest and forget about it, you have to follow the experts regularly, read articles on newspapers or the internet. See the financial reports, balance sheets, cash flow statement, assess how good company is performing or how sick it is, that on a basis on that decide yourself whether to invest in that company or not.

5. Have honest expectations: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst! This is the line which I always remember whenever I think about the stock market, investors are just like farmers when it rains itʼs good! The situation is happy but what happens when it does nʼt? Sit and cry? Of course not! You get up and fight the odds! So yes invest in those companies only which will give you a balanced return and more importantly regular and fixed income.

These are the key points for ones particularly venturing out in this domain for the very first time. Online courses would also come in handy for this.

Online stock trading in India, who would have thought even like a good twenty or twenty-five years ago that India will go on such a digital spree ! Where everything will be digitalized and work will be done with just one click. With the efforts of our prime minister, digital India is pacing up attracting many foreign players which would be a mammoth in the coming years.

Online comes with itʼs own comforts and luxuries, you can buy and sell with just one click and money is credited into your account, how easy ! I remember my grandfather calling up his agent and instructing him strictly on which stocks to buy and which ones to sell, and often see him bargaining with him on the rate of commission what he would charge him. So today I remember this and I think to myself wow this is the best time to stay on this planet, where everything is evolving so drastically. Online eliminates the need of the middleman and we save quite a lot on commissionʼs.

It gives you a lot more diversified options to choose from, greater control from an investorʼs point of view. Websites and mobile applications are so well developed and with such a a unique and customer friendly user interface that the fun of trading and stock market it takes you to just another level. Even a layman would understand the language if taught properly.

I will give you my an example from my own home, its like a daily ritual of my father to switch on the television set sharp at 9 am tune int the stock marketing channel, see the prices and the situation and accordingly set the future course of actions, log on the ICICI bank website and do the needful. I am like amazed. If a man from older generation can use the website so easily, then trust my to salute to the tech team for truly understanding the needs and serving it to them in this modern time, where everyone is running the corporate rat race.

There will be many financial service providers, but one needs to do a thorough background check and references before proceeding further. Times are not that right, if there are good companies that exist, there are really some bad oneʼs which also would be present and they could con you with your hard earned money.

So with this I would like to close down, keep investing it wisely.


Five Simple Tips To Enhance Your Profit Factors

We all know that trading is one of the best places to make money. Every retail trader in the UK has now access to the higher leverage trading account and they can easily place big lot size trade to make sizeable income at the end of each month. Becoming a pro trader is not so easy and you have to overcome certain steps to establish your presence in the successful trader’s community. Winning few trades in a row doesn’t make you a profitable trader. Most of the traders assess their trading performance on the small horizon which is absolutely wrong. Without assessing the performance in the longer time frame scenario it’s almost impossible for a certain individual to fine tune their trading system.

forex chart

We will now discuss five some important element which will help you to enhance your profit factor in the trading industry.

Learn the art of doing nothing

Doing nothing is the best thing you can do in the field of Forex. If you become too much active in trading then chances are very high that you will start overtrading this market. But overtrading is one key factor for which you might lose your entire investment. All the professional traders stay idle most of the time. They know very well that keeping out of the market most of the time is the best approach to find profitable trades.

Use price action trading signal

Price action trading is one of the best ways to trade the Forex market. You might be completely new to this investment world but if you learn the most reliable price action confirmation signal then it will not take much time to understand how this market really works. But as a price action trader always remember to trade the higher time frame to save yourself from the false spike.

Use of multiple time frame analysis

Multiple time frame analysis is one of the easiest ways to save yourself from the false trading signals. This is often considered to be the best Forex trading tips by many UK traders. At times you will say that you are doing everything correctly but still losing trades. Do you think that you are doing the multiple time frame analysis with a high level of precision? The simple answer should be NO. The simple rule of multiple time frame analysis is enough to save your trading capital from the wild swings.

Learn to do the fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is one of the easiest ways to find the overall strength of the market trend. Being new to this industry you might say that you are not understanding the basic concept of news trading. But if you do some research, everything will become extremely easy for you. Over the period of time, you will say that it is one of the easiest ways to trade in favor of the long-term trend.

Trade with low-risk exposure

Last but not the least always trade the market with low-risk exposure. It’s true that you can take a huge amount of risk in every single trade but this doesn’t mean that you will be able to secure a huge amount of profit every single day. We all know that the outcome of each trade is random. So if you trade with a big lot and lose a certain trade then you are going to lose a significant portion of your trading capital.

So far you have read about the five most important trades in the Forex market. But now it’s time for you to decide whether you will be able to follow these five simple Forex trading tips. If you can follow this simple rule for a single month then you will see a dramatic improvement in your trading career. So it’s time for you take one step further in the financial industry.


11 basic Terms to Know About Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is a new mechanism that enables the investor to trade tools and software that are mathematically backed and sound in exploring new trade methodology with human involvement close to minimal. It helps in spotting the correct and appropriate trade strategy and also helps in making the least human effort possible.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is also popular by the terms of algo trading, black box trading, etc.

Some of the most basic terms used are in Algorithmic trading are-

#1. Trend following is a tool that is often used in algo trading which analyzes various trends in the market which are generally short-term, medium-term and long-term. Then based on these trends, makes a rational investment decision on a particular stock. The strategic advantage is it takes investment decisions on various kind of trends and it helps in making profits.

#2. Direct market access (DMA) is a tool which gives direct access to the investor to view where his money is going and the broker has the authority to give direct access to his client. Here the client has straight access to the brokers’ screen.

#3. Market-making: High-Frequency Trading firms especially have thrived as market makers in securities markets. This means that they stand ready to buy and sell securities using their own money in order to keep the market liquid and in order.

#4. Arbitrage Strategy: An arbitrage strategy refers to the trading opportunity that exists due to price differential in various stock markets, for example, buying an instrument in one market and simultaneously selling a similar instrument in another market and thereby making a profit.

#5. Low Latency Trading: Low-latency traders depend on ultra-low latency networks. They provide information to their counterpart traders much faster and in an efficient manner than the respective competitors in order to make money in microseconds. Enhanced advances in speed have led to the need for firms to have a real-time, collocated trading platform to benefit from implementing high-frequency strategies.

#6. Spread: The spread refers to a difference between the bid-ask spread which is known as the cost of trading. The difference in price in which you buy is the profit or loss for the trader who is looking to make a profit on the margin of the bid-ask spread.

#7. Volume Weighted Average Price: This is widely used due to its randomness which follows the past historical trend of the market in order to place the order which is close and the nearest to Volume Average Weighted Price (VWAP).

#8. Target Close: The Target Close strategy manages the market impact of the order on the closing price by defining the strategy’s optimal start time based on past trading trend and the prevailing stock market conditions.

#9. Dark pools: Dark pools are trading systems where there is no pre-trade transparency of orders in the system that is no price is shown in the system and also the volumes are not revealed. Dark pools can be split into two types which is crossing networks and trading venues which are regulated markets, for example, MTF’s.

#10. Trading volume:  The traded volume of a security in a given period of time is a quite important measure for the liquidity of a security. Trading volume in the trading period is of importance and has to be forecast. Therefore, empirical studies of the trading volume are necessary.

#11. High-frequency trading: High frequency refers to the kind of electronic trading tool or engine that is often characterised by holding positions very briefly in order to take advantage of short-term opportunities in terms of price rise and price fall.

Ankit is a financial markets expert, having worked in financial markets for more than 11 years. He regularly writes at www.FinMarketGuru.com which is the fastest growing platform for latest financial markets updates from across the world.


Binary Trading Options

The fundamental premise of trading in the binary marketplace involves predicting what the price of a specific asset will do; it can only move in one of two directions within a given time frame ( read more about put and call options ).  Your chosen item does not need to hit a certain price; merely to increase or decrease in line with your predicted.  This will ensure you can trade successfully and you receive the advertised rate of return.

Binary Trading Options

Before you can place a trade you must establish the funds you are willing to risk and what rate of return is being offered.  Every trade will also have an expiry time; these can range from as little as one minute to as long as several hours.  Once you have established these basics and chosen your asset; whether stocks, indices, commodities or currencies; you can get started.

Assuming you have read the market correctly then the price of the asset is moving in the direction indicated you will have your money returned and an agreed additional amount will be given to you.  This is how you make money trading in binary options and should be the first type of trade for you to master.  Of course, if your prediction is not true then you will lose the funds you have invested on that trade.

There are only two possible options every time you engage in this type of trading.  Either you will be right and receive the agreed rate of return, or you will not and your funds will be lost.

Types of Trade

The simplest and most popular type of binary trading is to predict the price direction of an asset.  However, this is not the only option.  You can select from the following types:

  • One touch – you will need to specify a price and your asset must touch that price during the timeframe of the trade.
  • No touch – this is the opposite of one touch. You simply state a price that the asset will not be able to reach during the trade.  If you are correct you gain the agreed rate of return.
  • The range – This type of trade involves creating a bottom and top price line. Your chosen asset must stay within these boundaries for you to win the trade.


Trading in binary options will enable you to become active in the stock market without needing to sign up to the main stock market and find a large amount of capital.  Binary trading is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.  It is an excellent place for new investors to gain experience without risking large amounts of capital.


Trading Binary Options in Sixty Seconds

Trading Binary Options in Sixty Seconds

As with all investment trading, there are risks as well as the potential for high rewards.  Understanding the advantages of trading this way is essential to ensure you undertake successful trades:


  • Trading in just one minute allows you the opportunity to make exceptionally good returns on your investment very quickly. Many brokers offer between sixty and ninety percent returns.  Investing $100 and predicting the price direction correctly could become $190 in just one minute!  There are not many opportunities to make money that fast in most other careers!  Ideally, you spot an upward trend and ride this trend with repeat investments for several minutes.  If you can imagine five minutes trading, investing your lump sum and profits each time at a ninety percent return, your profit after five minutes would equal:
    • 100 + 90% = 190
    • 190 +90% = 361
    • 360 + 90% = 684
    • 684 + 90% = 1300
    • 1300 + 90% = 2470

Your profit after just five successful, sixty-second trades could be $2,370 from just a $100 stake!

Of course, high reward trading does involve high risk; if just one trade goes against you in the above list then you lose your initial investment and any chance of a profit.  This is an essential point to consider when placing your trades; it may be advisable not to roll all your funds over each time.

  • Trading long time frames will give you the opportunity to rethink your strategy and second guess your decision. This can be a fatal move as you may decide to sell out a trade or cut your losses; when in fact, the trade was good.  Trading in short-term options does not give you the chance to second guess yourself, by the time you even start thinking about it the trade is over.  Win or lose, your lesson is learned.

It is important to consider your experience level before you start trading short term.  If you are new to binary options trading it is advisable to trade in long time durations.  This will help your funds to last longer whilst you develop an understanding of the most effective way of trading.

Working out when to trade

The difficulty with any trade is knowing which way the price is going and whether it is likely to suddenly change.  The easiest way to start is by studying simple candle graphs; these will show the upward and downward movements of your asset and potential boundary lines.  These can then be used to identify the best time to place a trade and which direction the price should be going in.

If you intend to trade in sixty seconds it is advisable to start with a longer duration chart, such as an hour or two.  As you start to see patterns emerging you can shrink the timeframe, focusing on the pattern and attempt to identify it on the smaller timeframe.  Ideally, you need to know the peak and low of your asset, trade to close to these and you are likely to be burned.  You need to locate the opportunities where the trend goes in one direction for several minutes; you can then trade at the bottom of the price movement.

Finpari and Banc de Binary are two of the best brokers ( you may check the full list of regulated binary options brokers ) on the market at the moment offering sixty-second trades; it is advisable to use one of these brokers to ensure you stand the best chance of a successful trade.


Learning To Trade Currency

For those who want to invest some of their finances but may not have experience in doing so, the stock market can be very daunting. Navigating the market requires a strong foundation of understanding and constant research if it’s to be done successfully, and a lot of us would rather trust a mutual fund or paid portfolio manager with the job. Many, however, ultimately seek out alternative methods of investment with the potential to save and grow funds but with a little less complex than typical stock markets.

For some, that’s where the currency exchange comes into play. Better known as the forex market, the currency trade allows investors to buy and sell money from around the world in the hopes of leveraging a profit. It’s considered less complex and possibly evens lower risk than ordinary stock markets, and thus it’s a pretty attractive option for people who want to manage their own funds but don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate to learning the stock exchange.

forex chart

Trading forex still requires a great deal of education and preparation, but these are some of the basics that can help you out in the early going.

How Forex Works

Really, it works the same way the stock market does, but in a more straightforward environment. As a completely hypothetical example, pretend the euro is worth $2. In an ideal forex trade, you might spend $10 to purchase five euros. You’d then hold them in the hopes that the EUR/USD pairing would go up. Let’s say after six months the euro has inflated to the point at which it’s worth $3. Now you can buy back $15 with the same five euros, effectively turning your initial $10 into $15. That’s an ideal scenario on a small scale, but it communicates the idea.

The Main Perks

In addition to being a little simpler than the stock market—just a handful of currency pairs make up almost all of the volume in the forex market—there are other features that draw people to forex on a regular basis. For instance, one analysis of the appeals of this market pointed to true 24-hour access as one of the main draws for a lot of traders. Because currency is always being exchanged somewhere in the world no matter what time it is, there’s relatively little overnight risk for a diligent trader. You can always access your account and make decisions.

High liquidity in the market is also frequently mentioned as one of the main benefits. Defined as the ability of a valued item to be transformed into currency on demand, liquidity basically amounts to whether or not you’re able to make a trade when you want to. If you’re buying, is anyone selling? If you’re selling, is anyone buying? These can be concerns in certain financial markets, but the currency exchange is the largest financial market in the world, and thus has massive liquidity. It’s highly unlikely that your trades will ever be held up because of an issue in this regard.

These are just a few of the specific perks of forex trading, but they’re two of the most frequently cited for people who are looking into currency trading for the first time.

The Charts To Know

As different as forex trading may seem from the ordinary stock market, currency pairs still fluctuate in patterns that result in charts similar to those you’d see for any old stock. And that means, as, with stock trading, it’s important to learn the types of charts that can help you to get a visual sense of a currency pair’s movements.

This is not the same as recognizing patterns in charts. As it happens, there are some commonly recurring patterns in stock charts that tend to provide traders with indications about where a stock’s price might go next. Some of these patterns may or may not apply to forex trading, but either way, it’s most important to first be able to recognize the different types of charts on which you’d find the patterns, to begin with.

If you’re going to delve into the forex market, you’ll need to recognize line charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts at the bare minimum. It’s true that, depending on your trading platform, you may be able to choose which of these types of charts you’d like to use to visualize the currency pairs you’re looking at, but becoming familiar with them all is an aspect of financial literacy that will benefit you in the long run.

The Risk You’re Taking

Finally, before you invest a penny in the currency trade, it’s important to recognize internally that you are still taking a financial risk. As mentioned, forex is sometimes described as being safer or lower risk than some other forms of investment, and in certain situations that may prove to be the case. But there are no guarantees in investing, no matter what market you’re entering. Part of the basic foundation for a good forex trader is the understanding that risk is still very much part of the game.

Your task is to offset that risk with proper education and preparation. Even the most well-prepared traders can suffer unexpected losses, but by understanding the ins and outs of the market, you can set yourself up for success.


US Stock Market Ended on Monday with Mixed Results

US Stock Market

Continuing unrest in Iraq has caused US stocks on Monday to finish with mixed economic data. Stocks ended on Monday being marginally lower. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average went up after making decent gains for six consecutive days. At the beginning of the day, the equity indices were low, for the rest of the day, they were in the narrow range. S&P 500 attempted to gain back its flatline after its opening but failed.

The loss made by the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 9.82 points. This was a loss of 0.06%. It stood at 16 937.26. The broad-based S&P 500 fell 0.01% and stood at 1962.61 with a loss of 0.26. The Nasdaq Composite Index stood at 4368.68 after losing 0.64 or 0.01%.

The trend was such that selective industries like consumer staples and healthcare stocks slumped. This caused a pressure on the market throughout the session. The stocks which made gains were mostly technology and energy-related. Price of oil prices dropped because of turbulence in Iraq. However, some investors are bullish that situation in Iraq will improve and US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Iraq sufficed to their optimism.

The price of Oracle rose 0.7% as the company announced it was purchasing its rival Micro Systems for whopping $5.3 billion. The deal is to foster Oracle’s presence in the hospitality sector. Micro’s existing clientele is full of casinos, restaurants, hotel and retail chain companies. Oracle is currently being traded at $41.10, which is almost 70% more than the previous closing.

In the energy sector too, there was news of the acquisition. Utility Wisconsin Energy said it was in the process of buying Integrys Energy Group for $9.1 billion. The utility wants to be a power giant in the Midwest of the United States where there’s increasing demand for power. After the announcement, Integrys stock price went up 12.1%.

Interestingly, good news came from China. HSBC PMI index for China stood at 50.8 in June. Last month, it was 49.4. A reading of more than 50.0 indicates growth and expansion. This brings good news for export industries of US and Europe as China is world’s largest importer of raw materials and related commodities.