Things to Consider Before Purchasing Family Travel Insurance

Insurance Tenure In travel insurance, you need to be highly specific with your requirements to eliminate extra expenditure without compromising the benefits. There are single-trip travel insurance plans available in which the validity of your insurance benefits remains intact for a single trip. An insurance plan with this term is suggested when you are preserving your budget and are not travelling regularly. By purchasing single-trip insurance, you will be doing some serious savings that are not available in any other policy. However, the multi-trip insurance plan is the icing on the cake. If you like travelling and are a regular traveller, or own a business where companies shower you with business trips, multiple-trip insurance is your perfect choice. You can also purchase a multi-trip policy if you don’t mind spending a few dollars extra, as it is more useful than single-trip insurance. Multi-Trip insurance will provide you the same benefits that you receive in single-trip insurance for your multiple journeys. If compared logically, purchasing single multi-trip insurance is still much cheaper than fulfilling the premiums of single-trip insurance for your every trip. An alternative to both single-trip and multi-trip insurance is year-long travel insurance policies. These policies range somewhere between single-trip and multi-trip policies and provide you all the benefits for a year. Having lower premiums than multi-trip policies, you can also go for a year-long plan but have to buy one every year. You can discuss and compare the single-trip, multi-trip, and year-long plans with the same benefits of a company to get a better deal.

Destinations Covered

Not every insurance policy includes all the destinations of the world. Some can be restricted to only a few areas, while others can exclude specific regions. Some regions that several travel insurance companies don’t consider are the areas of war and unrest. Similarly, places with extreme climates can also be exclusion in many policies. Some policies only cover some regions in times of peace. However, these restrictions can also be limited to a continent or some countries. Therefore, after considering the possible destinations of your future trips, you can select a multi-trip insurance plan. For single-trip insurance, you don’t need to plan for your future journeys.


If you are not familiar with this term, we will help you out. Deductibles in an insurance policy refer to the amount that a claimant is required to pay to the insurance company before the processing of his reimbursement. Usually, the higher the deductibles are in an insurance plan, the lower the premiums to be paid. Again, you need to buy an insurance plan considering the deductible amount you are ready to give. In travel insurance, the deductible amount is usually required in the medical claims benefit. Once you pay the deductible amount, i.e., the amount from your pocket, your insurance company will take care of the rest of your medical needs. You can discuss the deductible amount with your insurance provider before purchasing a plan and keep your premium low by planning effectively.

Comprehensive Vs Speciality Plans

Suppose you are not worried about baggage loss or do not consider it much of an issue. With specialty plans, you will only receive those benefits that you actually want. These plans slightly differ from the comprehensive plans, which are inclusive of a long list of benefits. However, specialty plans are often not available for abroad trips and do not include the trip cancellation benefit. Where purchasing a specialty plan remains your sole decision and provides complete control over your benefits, we suggest purchasing comprehensive plans for your family. You can always use specialty plans to cover some extra benefits or bundle them up with limited insurance plans to do some cost-cutting. Specialty plans are usually cheap and do not take a heavy toll on your pocket. Check out the travel insurance master dot com to get info on limited insurance plans.

The Claiming Process

Although the majority of the renowned insurance companies follow a similar claiming process, there are some minor differences that you should examine. An example of this is the claim filling duration. While some companies may allow you to file a claim within the first 15 days, others may give you 30 days. These are the differences that you need to notice while purchasing your travel insurance. Although the claiming process might not trouble you, this measure is required to ensure the maximum convenience for you. Some claiming processes can get on your nerves. To dodge them, it is better if you buy insurance whose claiming process suits you the best. You can get info on a company’s claiming process by visiting its official website or contacting its agent.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Consider if someone has a medical condition in your family that can get worse during the journey, will your insurance policy provide for the expenses then? The answer is both yes and no. Not every insurance policy will include the pre-existing medical condition benefit, which can be troublesome in some situations. Under this benefit, the insurance company pays even for those medical expenditures that are a result of a pre-existing sickness, disease, or injury. This benefit is the most recommended to you if any family member of yours is suffering from a medical condition, is sick, injured, or still recovering.

Medical Evacuation

The medical evacuation benefit is a preventive measure that people like to have in case if they have to evacuate to another country for emergency medical treatment. As the evacuation costs more than other medical expenses, investing in this benefit can also be fruitful. However, what you need to think thoroughly while purchasing travel insurance is what type of medical evacuation benefit do you want. If you are interested in the medical evacuation benefit, there are two options available for you. One of them is the ‘Hospitals of Excellence’ clause, and the other one is ‘Hospital of Choice.’ With a discussion with your agent, you can only select one of these two. If you wish to return to your home country for treatment, then you don’t need to invest in this benefit. You should ask your agent about medical repatriation. However, if you are interested in medical evacuation, read the information given below to know which one you should buy.

# Hospitals of Excellence

Under this benefit, your insurance company will provide you a list of associated hospitals around the world where you can be taken to during an emergency for treatment. Insurance companies only select the most-reputed and trustable hospitals and under this clause to ensure you the quality of treatment. However, you can only file a claim if you evacuate to any of the hospitals mentioned under this list. Your insurance company won’t be responsible for any expenditure incurred in any other medical facility.

# Hospital of Choice

Hospital of Choice is a limited benefit but provides you the choice of selecting a medical facility for your evacuation. Once you decide the medical facility or hospital, it will be mentioned in your policy document and cannot be changed without prior discussion. Under ‘hospital of choice,’ your evacuation expenses will be only paid if you visit your selected hospital. You can buy the ‘hospital of choice’ benefit if your family trusts a specific hospital. Otherwise, the ‘hospitals of excellence benefit’ is also reliable as you can select any nearby hospital mentioned in the list.

Policy Renewal Options

Good policy renewal options provide you with simple premium payment options. Some insurance companies even allow you to extend the tenure of your insurance if you continue to pay renewal premiums on an agreement. You also need to check the grace period and any applicable late premium charges before purchasing a plan. As seen in most companies, once the policy renewal period is over, policyholders are given a grace period to submit their premiums. If they fail to do so, the insurance company can levy some charges or in the rarest of cases, can even lapse the insurance plan.


Each and every policy has some exclusion, which depend upon the type of insurance you buy. Where the comprehensive insurance plans are literally a benefit of ‘all the benefits,’ there still can be several things that they do not cover. Usually, insurance policies include an exclusions section that you can review in the money-back period. However, checking the exclusions before purchasing can save a lot of time. By the term ‘exclusions’ here, we not only mean uncovered benefits but activities, situations, losses, and expenses of any type. For example, if you plan to swim with your family, then what you need to notice is if your interested insurance plan covers this activity under its benefits. You can ask the insurance agent about all such things before finalizing on a travel insurance plan.

Claim Limit

Several insurance companies advertise full benefits at a cheaper rate. However, will they actually cover your whole expense? Checking the claim limit of a travel insurance plan is as important as selecting the benefits themselves. Where a lot of companies might offer you several benefits in an insurance plan, it does not mean they will provide 100% coverage. Even the actual claim percentage can differ with the benefits themselves. For example, for Benefit A, your insurance company can have a claim limit of $1000, but for Benefit B, it can be $750. If the insurance company has claim limits on its benefits, then it is not liable to pay you more than those limits. You are required to consider the claim limits of the benefits according to your needs to purchase a reliable travel insurance plan.

Customer Service and Emergency Assistance

People suspect the customer service of any company before purchasing their product, which is what we should also do while buying an insurance plan. With little research, you can find out what kind of customer support an insurance company provides to its clients. Some companies offer 24/7 customer assistance throughout the journey, which is appreciable if your insurance also includes the same. Similarly, you can check the reviews of your interested insurance company online. While their customer service will help you in understanding any insurance-related query, good emergency assistance can help you stay afloat of a lot of troubles during an emergency.

Compare Premiums and Benefits

Out of the hundreds of policy options available to you, you are only interested in buying one. You can find a reliable travel insurance policy for your needs by shortlisting and comparing several insurance plans. This method will not only help you in comparing the benefits but will also allow you to check which plans have lower premiums and simple policy renewal options. You can also visit an insurance industry professional or use some software to compare the best policies. We at TIM can also help you find a reliable insurance plan. Travel Insurance Master or TIM, is an insurance providing platform that works with the most-reputed insurance companies of the world. We help you find a travel insurance plan that best fits your needs and covers the maximum expenditure. You can contact us for any information on travel insurance anytime. We are always available for your help.]]>

5 Reasons Tourists should get the Best Travel Insurance Plan

best travel insurance plans. Analysts predict it will balloon into a whopping $28 billion industry by 2022. If statistics is not enough to convince you, the reasons listed below to buy travel insurance are.

For emergency medical care

You may fall sick suddenly. It could be anything from food poisoning to a nasty infection, if OTC meds fail to work, it might quickly escalate into an emergency-like situation leaving you at the mercy of fate, that too in a foreign land where nobody knows or cares about you. A scary scenario if you think about it but traveling abroad without medical insurance could make it real. If you have health insurance, ask your provider whether they offer medical plans for travelers. If not, Google “travel medical insurance companies,” visit the websites displayed in the search result and compare their packages. Travel medical plans normally come with terms and conditions such as people whose domestic health insurance plans extend to traveling abroad cannot apply, people with certain health conditions get rejected, people who may cancel the trip get limited coverage, etc.

Flight delays and cancellations

Not as scary as the previous one, but a delayed or cancelled flight can put unnecessary financial burdens on your shoulders and leave you perplexed, thus unable to decide what to do next. A flight delay or cancellation can arise from hundreds of reasons such as technical problems and bad weather conditions, but they all implicate the same thing – that you are in trouble. To be able to book a new flight, you need trip interruption coverage. It’s a kind of travel insurance plan that enables you to buy a return ticket. Some travelers believe flight delay and cancellations are rare, but they are wrong. In 2015, 18% of all international flights got delayed and 2% flights got cancelled. Worldwide, about 40 million flights are scheduled every year, a 2% cancellation rate means 800000 cancelled flights a year.

Unfavorable forex conversion rate

If you are not from a first world country and planning to visit one, understand that even a short-stay in the hospital could be outrageously expensive due to the forex conversion rate. Countries like UK, USA, Australia and European nations use currencies that trade far higher against weak currencies like Algerian Dinar, Philippine Peso, Kazakhstani tenge, Bangladeshi Taka, Indian Rupees, etc. Unfavorable forex conversion rate causes out of pocket expenses for hospital stay or a visit to a doctor’s chamber to mount up, draining your financial reserve and leaving you unable to fend for yourself on foreign soil. But if you buy the best travel insurance plan, you could afford overpriced hospital beds that cost $800 a night. One advice for you, though. Ask your provider if the plan covers doctors’ consultation too. In many first-world countries, a stay in the hospital doesn’t necessarily mean being checked by a doctor who works there.

Losses and delay

Statistics indicates that for every thousand visitors, about ten lose their bags, money and passports. Ten out of thousand means only 1%. However, the total number of travelers around the world counts in millions. In the United States alone, 80 million millennials travel more than twice a year. The total number of people all over the world who lose their belongings during a trip is therefore very high. If the country you are visiting is infamous for petty crimes like scams, pickpockets and theft (not so petty indeed), you’d have to be watchful all through your trip or end up losing your baggage. Coverage for stolen luggage gets your reimbursed in case you are scammed or lose everything to a trickstar. Your baggage can get delayed. It happens quite a lot due to mistakes made by the airlines. Unless you have coverage for delayed baggage, it’d be hard to get help from the customer service reps and compensations for all the items that you received after a considerable delay.

Coverage for cataclysmic events

Never discount acts of God when traveling abroad. Imagine you are chilling on a tropical beach while a wild hurricane is on its way to make a landfall in the shore. Worse, a terrorist attack caused the local government to cancel all the outgoing fights. Many people who visited middle-east in the past have witnessed the latter scenario. Coverage for terrorism and weather damage keep you protected from difficulties arising from catastrophic events described above. Hence, it’s wise to get one.

Summing up

All said, remember travel is for fun. The last thing you want is to worry about something during your trip that could easily be fixed by buying insurance coverage.]]>

Travel Insurance Belleville Ontario

Travel insurance Belleville Ontario

If you do have a medical emergency while overseas, Canadian national health care will not cover any of your expenses. You will be financially responsible for the full amount of your doctor or hospital bills. Even a minor illness or a slight injury can easily accumulate bills in the number of thousands of dollars. It is not unheard of for people to go bankrupt because of outstanding medical bills. The best way to avoid this event is to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance comes in many forms and coverage options. The most common insurance is medical coverage. This means if you fall and break your arm while on vacation, you can go to a doctor and receive treatment without worrying about the cost. It is possible that you will have to pay upfront while on vacation, but if everything goes smoothly, upon your return the insurance company will reimburse you. It will be necessary to file a claim and submit paperwork from the doctor or hospital you visited. Another common insurance option is trip cancellation insurance. Many people plan their vacations months or years in advance of the departure date. They may put down thousands of dollars for hotel reservations and airline tickets. If there is some sort of emergency a few days before they leave it will be impossible to cancel their trip and receive a refund. With insurance, it is possible to be reimbursed if an unforeseen event forces you to cancel or change the itinerary of your trip. One of the biggest fears of vacationers is being a victim of crime. While the chances of this happening to you are very low, it can happen and you should be prepared. Travel insurance will cover losses due to theft or other accidents. So if your expensive digital camera goes missing from the room, or if your luggage gets routed to a different airport, travel insurance will cover your loss. The best thing to guarantee a fun and relaxing vacation are to be prepared. For a few dollars a day you can have the peace of mind that someone is watching out for you. It is easy to find rates specific to travel insurance Belleville Ontario. Do a bit of research and find what is best for you.]]>

Travel Insurance – Don’t Travel Without Protection

In this fast-paced life, many crave for a holiday to steal some moments and make sweet memories with their loved ones. We often plan for these holidays with much vigor and excitement. However, all the fun may be ruined pretty quickly with an unwanted accident. All of a sudden this much needed quick break literally turns into a nightmare with nothing left but the time to recover from the accident.

Travel insurance Belleville Ontario

It is good to have some kind of insurance coverage, some kind of protection when you are looking to have some fun. You need to consider travel insurance for these following reasons:


If it is a case of an annual vacation or a business trip or even a special event then single trip travel insurance could be your answer. This is so because it is comparatively cheap and is very convenient for the people involved. You can have an insurance that covers the trip from beginning to the very end.


Insurance is there for all unforeseen eventualities, like accidents or a fall on the trip. The insurance coverage works in the background to keep you prepared in the worst case. Single trip travel insurance can cover damage, cancellations, theft of private property, in addition to the medical expenses, if you are injured during the trip.

No insurance, more problems:

Travel insurance allows the medical bills to be taken care of. As a result, the stress of going on a vacation is quickly defused. Having no insurance in a medical scenario means that one is going to be dealing directly with hospital bills and overwhelming prices, in addition to the disappointment and loss of flying home early. All in all, getting insurance means that the extra pressure is kicked off to allow the client to be a lot more centred and calm even if the time warrants urgent action.


Buying the suitable insurance coverage can come with additional advantages as part of the insurance terms for the person involved. The terms will vary with different types of travel insurance coverage. There is the potential to upgrade for sports if you are looking for a fit vacation. It means that whatever situation you encounter you will be always prepared and be one step ahead. After all, the very last thing that anyone needs is to remember their vacation for all the wrong reasons just because they did not have an adequate policy of travel insurance.


Due to the increase in the online presence of the insurance providers, there are several comparison websites that may help people to assess the most effective package for them while enjoying the most on a family vacation. The money spent on this insurance coverage may perhaps outweigh the price of choosing a vacation without travel insurance.

Travelling without any kind of protection is too risky especially if your family is with you. If you want fun and exactly nothing to worry about then travel insurance is definitely your answer.