An Introduction to Quantum from RL360°

Quantum from RL360°

An investment product from RL360°, Quantum offers a simple and effective way to save for the future. Giving you access to an impressive selection of funds, it is designed to be flexible and affordable, and it can help you to put money aside for anything from property improvements and children’s school fees to holidays. It can also be used to supplement your retirement income. To find out more about this attractive savings solution, keep reading.

Who can take advantage of it?

Quantum is available to individuals, trustees and companies and, unless you are subject to legislation that prevents you from putting money into investments of this kind, you should be eligible to take advantage of it if you are aged 18 or above.

How can you tailor it?

One of the major draws of the product is the fact that it can be customised to suit investors’ precise needs. For example, you can take out a Quantum policy on life assurance or capital redemption basis, and you also have the option of setting it up as a single policy or dividing it into 100 sub-policies. The latter option can help you benefit from optimal tax efficiency.

Quantum is also available in 7 different currencies. These are pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and Hong Kong dollar. In addition, you can choose from a broad selection of funds and, if you register for RL360°’s online switching service, you can switch between funds at no additional cost.

The product also enables you to take premium holidays if you need a break from saving and it allows you to make one-off or regular withdrawals. This gives you extra room for manoeuvre if your financial circumstances change.

What should you do next?

As with any investment, it’s important to make sure you’re fully clued up on Quantum before you commit to putting money into it. You can check out RL360° Quantum reviews online and there is full product information available on the company’s website. If you decide that this is a suitable investment solution for you, you should speak to a financial adviser. These experts are perfectly placed to help you tailor investment products to suit your approach to risk. Bear in mind that RL360° only accepts business introduced through financial advisers.

RL360° is continually looking to enhance its products. Demonstrating this commitment, a recent RL360° review saw 28 core new funds added to a number of its policies, including Quantum.

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