9 Interesting Ways to Get Your Financial Life in Shape, Directly From Your Phone

Financial Life

In the tech-savvy era, your phone would be your one-stop solution for almost everything such as shopping, notepad, time tracker, calculator, music playlist so why not use it as your financial advisor as well. Today, there’s an app for everything so it makes sense to get the best out of it. There are many apps and chatbots that sync with your credit cards and bank accounts, which provide all the control straight from your phone.

But which app is right for you?

As you scroll down the play store to check for apps, there will be numerous apps in a list and you might get frustrated if don’t find the right one. Some apps just not worth downloading and it might be just of time. Once you have the right app with all the requisite data filled and bank account synched, then you can just relax and let the app be your financial advisor. The app would help you stay on top with your bill payments and look for areas where you can save more. Automate the process to handle finance and see how easily you can handle your finance straight from your phone. Your financial advisor is just in your hand and can be controlled from anywhere, anytime. We share with you 9 interesting apps or chatbots that will help you save more and rescue you from visiting bank every time and there’s no room for any overdue fee.

9 finance apps for the tech-savvy people:

#1 The all-in-one app: Mint

Mint, is the app for those who wish to pay all bills at one place. It may take more time to set up than other apps; however, it’s an all-inclusive app for credit card statements, investments, bank accounts & more. Also, track all bill payments, set due date reminders to avoid any late payment charges. Download Mint: App store&Google play.

#2 Your trip planner app: Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is your personal travel planner that handles all the money matters related to your travel, right from your travel expenses to exchange rate conversions so that you can enjoy your travel with eating, shopping & sightseeing. Download Trail Wallet: App store.

#3 Track all your expense reports, app: Expensify

Tracking down all the monthly expenses and filling receipts is never fun but with Expensify, you won’t feel the pain of it. Create a new report plus click a photo of your receipt, the inbuilt scanner will filter the important information like a place, amount etc. and add it in the entry. Download Expensify: App store&Google play.

#4 See where your money goes, app: Spendee

Similar to Mint but Spendee is easy to navigate as it comes with infographics that give you an idea about where you’re spending more. Additionally, you can invite friends & family to add their expenses and make it a shared expense. Download Spendee: App store&Google play.

#5 To save more money, app: Digit

If you want to save more money, then Digit is the right app for you. It connects to your checking account and analyses your spending pattern to look for any small amount which can be used as savings. Further, it moves this small amount to an insured savings account and is completely secure. Download Digit: App store&Google play.

#6 Track how much you owe a friend, app: Venmo

Gone are the days when we used to struggle with splitting bar tabs and bugging our friends to pay the share, all thanks to Venmo. It’s best when dealing with smaller transactions and keeps a note of how much you owe others without payments stocking in your head. The latest version is integrated with iMessage and Siri that allows you to do secure on spot payments without the need to open the Venmo app. Download Venmo: App store&Google play.

#7 For the freelancers, app: Tycoon

For any freelancer, the toughest part of work is to track payments. So, with Tycoon, it becomes an easy process by just creating entries for all the various jobs and you get a notification for any payment made or payment overdue. In the case of overdue, you can set up an automated email as a reminder to your employer. Download Tycoon: App store&Google play.

#8 For banking questions, app: MyKAI

Today, there are bots for everything ranging from giving gift ideas, recipes, clothing & more. Mykai is a financial bot that syncs with your bank account, Venmo account & credit cards. Once done, you can text Kai regarding personal (Where did I spend more last month?) and general financial questions. Download Mykai: Kasisto

#9 To find deals, ATMs & more

Most of us, don’t utilize the primary bank apps which can provide information about the deals, nearest ATMs & other services. Majority of the banks like Citi, Bank of America&Chase provide free apps for the customers to track their bank statements, cash back deals & more. You can even deposit a check through the app.

Summing up

Make your finance journey a techie experience and explore the ease yourself with the above-mentioned apps.