10 Best Practices To Plan Your Retirement With

A tirelessly worked out present is only solaced with the thought of having a relaxing and comfortable future. We all dream and plan, but only some are truly fulfilled. When you allocate your today in making fruitful plans and work them all out carefully, only then you are able to productively unleash a desirable retirement stage.

Recent study determines that the average Americans live roughly for 20 years in retirement. With this long time span of retirement age, you need to make plans today to help secure a stress-free, ideal future. The dreams that you have always had of exploring the world by travelling, living in a house that is yours and a source of work-free income that lets you spend without worrying about emptying your bank account, can be fulfilled.

Experts determine that 70 – 90% of our preretirement incomes are required to maintain our standard of living after retirement, making it super expensive. Yet the situations of crisis with health issues requiring medical treatment can be financed easily, with early plans, designed and worked for now.

Following are 7 simple rules to achieving the “best life” in your golden retirement years.

Plan A Diverse Portfolio

In order to maximize returns and minimize risks, planning a diverse portfolio is essential. Aren’t we all aware of people who have thoughtlessly invested in companies which have grown into big shots like Google, Apple or Facebook? Well it wasn’t just sheer luck the investors have been depending on while investing in them; it was rather carefully calculated, far sighted approach they had pertained. Scrutinizing the prospect’s strategies, then allotting their valuable money in them by investing.

Predicting a market and then investing in it requires crucial planning. However it is wise to select from a diversified range of the asset class and the geographical presence of the investment prospect.

  • Asset Class

An asset class defines the nature of the asset. Whether they are tangible ones like bonds, stocks, inflation protected securities or real estate properties. With a diversified portfolio you are not reserving your investments to just one asset class but carefully placing in different ones, wherever the prospect seems more profitable. Allocating all the investment in one can restrict various opportunities for an investor.

  • Geographical diversity

Diversify your portfolio by making unbiased choices for investments in countries other than yours, to serve you beneficially. Since some countries may have a lower inflation rate, investment fee than yours, and the market can be flourishing there compared to that in your country so taking a deep dive by investing in a market of some other country rather than your own can intensify returns for you.

Minimizing Investment Fees

Investment fees can drain up your accounts. It is not necessary to prioritize your trust in a broker that charges more.Research shows that when it comes to investment fees, the higher expense ones do not perform better in your favor compared to the lower expense ones.

So it is advisable to make investments in index funds that are passive investments with lower fees instead of actively managed funds. Following are three different types of investment fees and the ways of minimizing them

  • Fund fees

A fee ranging normally from 0.2 – 2% and charged by the managers of mutual funds and ETF. They can be comprising of administrative cost, management and 12B-1 fees. Invest using low ETFs instead of higher fee mutual funds, in order to keep these funds low. Since ETFs are less expensive to operate and require significantly lower management and sales support, to pass savings to you.

  • Advisors fee

An advisor fee is a fee charged by a financial advisor in return of the financial services he provides to you. It can be as low as 1% of your investment with him. Choose an advisor wisely, someone who promises greater returns to you by minimizing risks and keeping service fee low. Not charging extra fees for any other reason than the fixed 1%.

  • Trading fee

This fee is charged on investors upon buying and selling funds or other assets. The cost can vary depending on the broker you are using and also if you trade often, you may be facing tax implications too that can be very costly. So if you are willing to maximize your investments to aid in your retirement stage, you need to use commission free ETF stocks.

Utilizing Idle Cash

Invest the idle cash in profitable prospects rather than stacking it up. Since investing it wisely can enable profit returns. Even low returns, are better than nothing at all. However intimidating the idea of investment can seem, they are always better than locking away the possibilities that can affect you in great ways.

You are especially thankful to having had invested them when you near retirement and receive whatever returns possible, instead of keeping idle cash which would have lost all its worth with the constant inflation.

Roll Your Old 401k Investments

A 401k investment is a way of securing a tax deferred investment. An employer sponsors a 401k for the employee in which a sum is deducted from the employee’s pre-tax income; investing for their retirement time. However qualified an investment prospect 401k is you still need to keep a few things in mind.

Statistics show that an average American quits his old job and switches to a new one every 4.6 years. With rapid job changing one loses track of his old 401k investment and how to adjust a new role with the new salary. You may be subjected to paying compounded fees, and lost in compensation packages. Unless you roll over your old 401k to a rollover IRA account, which will prevent you from overpaying and limited investment options.

Deferring Tax Payments

Make use of great financial tools that help defer tax payments upon sale of a property. With the help of IRC 1031 and charitable trust tools, one can easily avoid tax for a long time. Taxes can reduce the amount of your capital gain amount.

With IRC 1031 tool, you purchase another property of same or greater value in exchange for the one you are selling. Upon using this tool, an investor can easily divert attention of his property tax on sale by buying another property, maximizing capital gain, subsequently increasing the amount of total investment made for a great retirement period.

Acquiring a charitable trust IRC tool means, you are investing your property by selling it to a trust, in a tax deferred way. The trust will in turn facilitate you with lifelong scheduled funds. And they can be a passive income for you upon retirement.

Although if you do not avail either of the 1031 or Charitable Trust IRC tools, you will be subjected to a capital gain tax, which reduces your chance of availing the profit for your retirement.

Prioritize Saving Habits

Recent facts state that fewer than 50% of all Americans have calculated how much they need to save for retirement.

It is really difficult to inculcate a saving habit without a goal or source of motivation. Consider understanding these points which may prove to be really good in the long run.

  • Saving can help you secure a safe future, in times of need, you do not have to worry about finances
  • Helps expanding your investments for a better future after retirement. You can utilize those savings by purchasing promising stocks, bonds, securities with them.
  • Helps in making payments to wipe off quick mortgage loan in case you acquire a hard money loans from a well-known organization. With a hard money loan an investor can expand his investing abilities, by acquiring loan that is backed by another property. Investing that loan in a greater prospect and then paying off mortgage monthly payments by the earnings from that investment. The initial lump sum payment can be achieved from the savings that you have kept. Making the entire loan acquisition and repayment journey smooth and stable.

Savings have a wonderful impact on your investment portfolio and all other things for your future. It may seem hard to restrain oneself from the luxuries of life and instead of spending, allocating the money in investments, but at least it will be better for a stage when you will be jobless and with no other source of income. At this point the saved possessions can be your greatest savior.

Pay Off Debts Before Retirement

No more liabilities hanging on after retirement. Make this a goal to create a sensible plan and work accordingly. The last thing to bring you joy can be a property with ongoing mortgage payments. It is an investment turned liability so you can never appreciate it. The wisest thing to do is plan a short term mortgage payment plan as long as 5 years and not more. Allocate your finances in a way that you are able to spend as much as you can in mortgage payment ultimately achieving a stress free retirement period.

Availing Tax Advantaged Accounts For Fund Holdings

There are ways an investor can hold their investments in a tax free manner. Make a smart move by placing your assets in tax advantage accounts such as 401k and Roth Individual Retirement Account. In order to achieve an optimal tax free investment. By placing the investments that have to pay dividends in these tax-advantaged accounts, they can avoid being taxed upon reinvestment.

In an Individual Retirement Account, a person can start placing an annual amount of $55000, which can begin with a lesser amount and after age 50, can be increased from the standard amount.

Facts determine that 30% of Americans did not participate in contribution plans such as 401k even when they were provided access to it.

Strategically place your investments in taxable and non-taxable accounts in order to minimize over all taxes. Work your ways with a knowledgeable financial advisor who can wisely guide you along the path and benefit you with maximized amount ownership after retirement.

Avoid Temptations

No matter how tempting it is to cover your problems with easy retirement money withdrawal, you still have to swear to resist. Early withdrawal can lead you to serious drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • You will lose tax benefits
  • You will have to pay withdrawal penalties
  • You will lose interest

Strive To Delay Social Securities

This may be the toughest challenge you may have to face leading to an added benefit you cannot deny. As per a statement by Greenberg, “For every year you can delay receiving social security payment before you reach age 70, you can increase the amount you receive in the future.” At age 62 you are at the earliest of receiving Social Security retirement benefits, but if you wait till 70 years to avail them, your monthly benefit increases and an additional income is added up to it quickly. This benefit can come to your facility as well as can be availed by your spouse.

Greenberg further adds, “Recognizing the need to put money away for retirement is the first step.” This helps you realize that the more creatively you can save for your retirement the greater the benefits will be waiting for you at the end of the day.


According to a study starting too late and saving too little topped retirees’ list of regrets. Which means, you will continue to worry in your golden days. With each passing year, the late you get in starting to strive for retirement can put your hard work throughout your life to strain. But by this I am in no means, if you have gotten late in realizing you should not put an effort at all.

Plan your retirement today to avail a fruitful future. With these practices at work you can easily create the retirement life of your dreams. Maximize returns of your investments and minimize risks and troubles.