Tips for Landing Your First Job after College

When filling entry-level positions, financial organizations tend to consider the interns who are already working for them before seeking outside candidates. That means that the best time to start looking for your first job is while you’re still in college. Of course, not every internship comes with a job offer at the end, so here are some tips to help you when you start the search for your first job.

First Job after College

Social Sites 

It’s never too early to create a LinkedIn profile. While you’re still in school, you can begin connecting with other students and professionals in your job field. Develop a list of your skills and a summary statement about yourself and your interests that you would share with potential employers. Think of it as your “30-second elevator speech” in writing. Potential employers will look for you first on LinkedIn. In case you have anything questionable on your Facebook site, clean it up ASAP.

Cultivating Mentors 

Find a mentor or two. Do reach out to your school’s career office and professors, but try to develop some contacts in the field. If you have a dream job or dream company, conduct an online search for people working at something you would like to do. You have nothing to lose by asking for a meeting with them. They may be flattered by the attention or impressed that you sought them out and can offer you insider knowledge about the field and possibly a job.

Industry Groups 

Join a professional development group or an industry-specific group. You’ll make personal contacts that can help you learn more about your career field and how to succeed. You may have a group chapter already at your school.

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4 Financial Etiquettes to Success

As a college passed out, I wanted to achieve big in life. I wanted financial freedom, luxurious life and every other thing a fresher like me will dream off. When I was talking to my mom about my aspiration, she gave me 4 golden financial rules to follow. She said,” Follow these you will become a successful person someday.” I want to share those 4 rules with you so that you can also be successful like me. You may think, well he says he is successful but I don’t know anything about him so how can I believe. You are thinking on the right lines, research and think about everything before you arrive at a conclusion.

financial success

This is how I am going to lead you into this financial journey. Now let us understand the etiquette.

Save for your future:

Your monthly financial budget will help you in identifying the basic and avoidable expenses. Housing rent, utilities bill constitute the basic expenses. You cannot do anything to minimise these expenses. The amount spent on recreation and other luxuries constitute the avoidable expenses. You should try to save the maximum money after you make all the basic expenses to enjoy a better future. More than 75% of the money left after the basic expenditure should be converted into your savings. This will give you financial freedom and confidence to pursue your dreams in the future. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Increase your credit rating and not the debts.

Availability of your basic groceries and other necessities is one of the best strategies of a supermarket. Supermarkets also encourage impulse buying. Things, which you bought out of your necessity list, are considered impulse buying. Most of the time we use our credit cards to buy these items. This will increase your credit cards debts. Although purchase made using credit cards helps in maintaining a good credit rating, these purchases will not help us in achieving the long-time goals.

Instead, use the credit cards wisely to make essential purchases that are already part of your budget. This way you get twin benefits of high credit rating and leverage to save additional amounts of money. Having a good credit rating will help you in achieving bigger goals that may require you to borrow money.

Live on a bare minimum

I would have preferred to write this article sitting on my lawn looking at the meadows than sitting on a hostel bed if I had not decided to spend bare minimum. It will always important to be stringent and to spend only on the basic essentials. What do you gain by being like this? Well, by being like this you get to enjoy a much higher standard of living in future. All these efforts are towards that elusive financial freedom and a hassle-free luxurious life.

In this era of alternative, look always for alternative solutions and try to spend half of what you have planned to. If you are buying a car for short-term use, look for used ones that will serve you the same purpose as the used ones minus the huge price you need to pay for the new one. I wanted to give my girlfriend an iPhone; I bought a refurbished one, nicely packed it and gave it to in the best possible way. Do I sound like a miser? Well, I am saving money for our marriage so the amount I saved will only help in boosting the savings for my marriage. She was happy seeing the iPhone so was I seeing her.

Investments a path to success

Today there are many small terms and long-term investments options. Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estates you name it you have it. It is always important to identify the right medium and platform to invest your hard-earned money. Greater rewards for small investments should be your motto while making these investments.

Research extensively on all the available investment options. Analyse the risks and opportunities available in these options. It is always important to invest in various mediums rather than relying on one. This will help you in balancing the success and failure of your investments.

Take your time and consult the experts if necessary when you make long-term investments. Investing in real estate is one of the safest options but you should also be aware of the risks attached to these investments. Experts will always help you in identifying the right channel of investments.

Summing up:

These are the 4 simple etiquettes you can follow to attain your financial freedom. What is life if you can enjoy the luxuries of it? To people who ask, why we should save for future when it is the most uncertain thing, my answer is” I have told you my secret to success, it is up to you to decide on which path to follow.” To the people who had doubts whether I really succeeded, follow these five steps and then come back to me to narrate your experience.