Filling up FAFSA Form Could Help You Pay for College Fees

During my college days, I knew many students – some of them were my classmates – who made it almost their rituals to fill up FAFSA. Now, what does it mean?

FAFSA is the short form of Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is the perfect option if you wish the Federal Government to ease your financial pressure to pay for college fees. A FAFSA form is more than just a way to secure financial aid from the government as there are many colleges that gather information about their applicants from this form and on the basis of the details, decide whether to grant financial aid to the needy students at the school level.

So, not filling out the FAFSA form could limit your options of getting financial aid during college years. Here is all that you want to know about the form and how it can benefit you.

Filling up FAFSA Form

Availability of college aid via FAFSA

The aid received by filling out FAFSA is available in different ways. Some students even don’t fill out the form as they think they will not be considered for the grants. In addition to grants, aids are also available in a variety of forms. Here are some ways to receive aid by filling out the FAFSA form:

  • Subsidized loans (interest paid by the government during your school days)
  • Unsubsidized loans (often available at better terms compared to private loans)
  • Work study (guaranteeing some kind of on-campus job)
  • Special loan facilities for the parents of dependent pupils
  • Grants

It is up to your school to decide on the basis of information provided on the FAFSA form if you will be granted special assistance. If your particular school offers any special program, details given on the FAFSA form could be the deciding factors to help you qualify for small scholarships. Even if you are not sure about qualifying for a grant, it’s always wise to fill out the FAFSA form; otherwise, you may miss out on chances and resources.

Be careful about FAFSA deadline

It is very important to remember the deadline for filling out the FAFSA form. Some forms are distributed on the basis of first-come, first-service criteria. There are some schools that require you to submit the form within a particular date. The best option for you is to fill up your FAFSA form as early as possible after Jan 1 of every year.

You can fill up the FAFSA form with estimated details from the last year. If needed, you can always change it later. You will have most of the required information available to you towards the end of January.

So you see that by filling up the FAFSA form, you will lose nothing and there are some good chances to get a hefty amount in form of financial aid for your education.

Peter Christopher is the Editor of Finance Care Guide and a guest columnist for many blogs that deals with financial issues. He has devoted himself to full time speaking, writing and consulting on personal finance management. Visit him on Google Plus and Twitter.


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Cutting Expenses Could Be Difficult but Not Impossible

Frugality is not what I like but at the same time, I am not fond of going on spending spree. However, that attitude has earned me no fame. My friends and even relatives don’t think very highly of me, labelling me a miser. I don’t mind that and strongly believe that my spending pattern will help me a worry-free financial life forever. Instead of impulsive purchase, I prefer spending for what I need. I never allow myself to be influenced by Veblen effect. I set my goals based on my requirements and this approach could be a reason for you to revisit your spending habit.


How to spend money is a million dollar question and in fact, could make you richer or pauper, no matter how much you are earning. ‘Cut your coat according to cloth’ – I’ve always been a firm believer in this adage. I spend on only those that meet my needs and ensure value addition to my satisfaction.

Housing Expenses

I shifted from a big apartment to a small and low-cost one a decade ago. I rented our previous apartment for two purposes. First of all, I wanted to support my township living financially and secondly, the decision was expected to earn me good saving. When saving accumulated to a decent figure, I bought a townhouse. I owned the house at a time when property price was nowhere as it is today but sold it after an eclipse of recession ceased to exit. Finally, I settled in the countryside, with a lot of greeneries on all hands. City-like facilities are available here at a lower cost and most importantly, I can take fresh air.

Saving on Utility Bills

As a part of my expenses-trimming plan, I always look forward to spending less on everything. So I switched from hot water to cold water for washing. That saved me more than 30% on utility bills. I bought a set of CFLs to replace my old light bulbs. I also make sure limited use of air conditions and that saves me a considerable sum on the power bill.

Cutting on Grocery Bill

Groceries take up a lion’s share of your total expenses. I collect coupons as many as possible. I am also a regular at the supermarket. These steps help me get the best things at the lowest price.

Mortgage Refinancing

Many are jumping onto this bandwagon. I have a very pleasant experience in this regard. I switched from my 20-year fixed rate mortgage to 10-year mortgage. Due to impressive credit score, I was able to negotiate with my bank and as a result, my remortgage interest rate dropped to less than 5%, with other fees also waived.

Insurance Policies

Just like many of you, I own a good number of insurance policies including house insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance coverage for myself and my entire family. Insurance premiums eat up a goodly sum. So to minimize the figure, I searched on the internet to find out the least expensive schemes. And I did not fail to find out the right policies for my car, home and family.


It’s really not easy to cut expenses, at least immediately. And more difficult is to maintain your new spending habit. I have chosen a path for me and am determined to stick with it as I can get to enjoy the same lifestyle while paying less. The goals should be to get more for less and with willpower; you will hopefully be able to ensure a solid cut on your expenses.